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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lotus Lines

Well - another experiment today - I collaged another old painting with white tissue paper today and then did a series of decorative line patterns on top of the collage with white acrylic ink and a nib pen.  There were some lessons learned in this project - first of all the white tissue paper doesn't collage well over a dark background - it just looks sort of faded out - secondly the white ink didn't cover too well on the acrylic medium!  Well - life is full of lessons - we won't learn if we don't experiment.  All in all, I sort of like the Zentangle like designs on this painting - it gives it sort of an Egyptian-like appeal.  But - I probably won't repeat this project, either!


Carol Blackburn said...

I'd love to see the painting without the lines, Barb...do you have a copy.

Barb Sailor said...

Voila! Your request is my command!This may be the 2nd painting I did because I was teaching this project and I always do 2 - 1 for an example and the second along with the class...but - close enough!!! I think the first painting is the original and the second the one I did with the class.

Annette said...

Interesting effect you came up with, I do like the Zentangles also. Guess we just keep learning and learning. xo