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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Collagraph: "Evil Woman"

"Evil Woman" - Collagraph

"Evil Woman" - Collagraph Plate
The Muses worked on a collagraph project this afternoon.  I got the idea from the blog of artist, Belinda Del Pesco, who has been experimenting in different printmaking methods.  This particular project  is done by creating a glue print, hand coloring and printing it with various colors of printmaking ink, and then by inking the glue print with black ink.  After it is dry, we embellished the print with colored pencils.  I often taught glue printing when I was teaching jr. high and high school art, but never with the added hand coloring which is printed in stages like a monoprint.  The Muses took theirs home today to finish and will bring back next week so I can photograph them.

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