Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tim's Truck

This painting was designed as a lesson in composition using elements from separate photos and combining them into a  unified composition.  The truck is from a picture my brother took at a winery in the Napa Valley (it wasn't blue - it was rusty!)  The building is from a photo my friend Patricia took in the country outside of Wapakoneta, Ohio.  The colors/atmosphere of the painting come from another picture I saw on the internet.  I liked the yellows and violets in the sky contrasted with the blue truck and the purples in the building, combined with the bright greens intensified by the setting sun.  I want my painting students to see how different elements can successfully be used in one painting.

The painting is 9" x 12" and is painted on 140 lb. Acquarello cold-pressed watercolor paper with mostly Holbein watercolors..

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